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During a recent conversation with my oldest sister, she presented me with a challenge.  We have all had chocolate chip pancakes, or blueberry pancakes, but how many of you have had BACON PANCAKES?  This was the challenge my sister set out for me, and I must say I rose to the occasion nicely (because its just as easy as any other kind of pancake :) ).

My parents didn’t have the full set of ingredients for making pancakes, so I had to use a mix for my test run, which was kind of frustrating but worked out fine.  Normally I use this pancake recipe though, which is super easy and delicious.

All you have to do is make the pancake batter, and cook the bacon to your desired crispiness.  I like mine really crispy, so I tend to cook it longer.  Once the bacon is cooked, cut it into roughly bite sized pieces, saving all the little crumbly bits that break off.  Pour the batter onto the griddle, and once the pancake sets enough to slide a spatula under, but not quite at the point where you are ready to flip it, add the bacon pieces.  Just sprinkle them on the top and poke them down a little so they settle into the batter.  Flip the pancakes and viola! you have bacon pancakes.  I recommend butter and maple syrup to finish them off because what could be more delicious than pancake, bacon, and syrup all in one bite?  These were super delicious and really easy to make!

I have promised that the next time I’m visiting I will make this for the family, so I think I will have to keep practicing in the meantime…somehow I don’t think I’ll have trouble finding some people to help me eat them :)

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