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Brisket Plate

I have to apologise for my post slacking recently.  I had to travel to Boston this past weekend, and then work has just gotten out of hand.  Living in a dorm with 30 girls ages 14-16, in the dead of winter, with the nearest vacation a month away is getting sort of dramatic.  Unfortunately its very hard to cook with girls screaming about plants, and lunch tables, and god help us all the Sadie Hawkins  ”Sadies”  dance is coming up.  Just in case you think I’m exaggerating, let me give you a glimpse into my tragic life:

“Ms. Mac, SHE came into my room when NO ONE was here and put a plant on my desk.  What kind of b*tch just goes into someones room with out permission.  OMG I mean we used to be besties, but this is just a ridiculous invasion.  SO I threw the plant out the window. ”  (of the fourth floor, by the way)

I kid you not, this is just a small excerpt of the hour and a half long conversation I had last night.  Between this fantastic part of my job, and the THREE exes that came back to haunt me for Valentines day, I have felt the need to drink heavily on a fairly regular basis, just to get through.  Sadly, I can not go to the bar every night and can not go about my job reeking of booze, so I have to be sneaky about my “drinking”.  I have gotten pretty good at figuring booze into most of my recipes, so I thought I would just try to do that again.  I know, cooked alcohol isn’t the same, but its the flavor that counts, not the warm buzzy feeling right?  (Whatever, just let me delude myself. )  So despite all of  this ridiculous tom foolery in my life, ladies and gentlemen, I give you:  Guinness Braised Brisket….Ta Da!!!  (also known in my head as BEER MEAT :) )

Ok so this is wicked easy:

Cut up one large yellow onion into wedges and put them into the bottom of a deep roasting pan and nestle your 3-4ish lb brisket into its new vegetable home. * You can also add other veggies if you like, I actually threw in a couple of wedges of tomatoes and a few kalamata olives that I had left over from a recipe. *  Pour about 2 and a half bottles of Guinness Draught over it then float in a bay leaf.   Sprinkle the meat with Italian seasoning, salt and pepper, then place about 5-6 fresh basil leaves on top of the meat.  Cover completely with tin foil and put in a 285 degree over for about eight hours.  I did it over night so that I woke up salivating.  Once its done, take it out of the over and let it cool.  Put it in the fridge for a few hours to let the fat rise to the top and harden.   Once its cold, remove the foil and spoon off the majority of the fat.  At this point you can either shred the meat or slice it and then re-heat it in the liquid and serve as you choose.  I greatly suggest serving it with mashed potatoes or polenta or something that will absorb some of the liquid.  I didn’t have potatoes the first night I ate this, but I just used crusty bread, and it was freaking sweet :) .

The beer gives it that smoky flavor with just the hint of sweetness that I love about Guinness, but there is also the great meat flavor with the onions and whatever other veggies you put in.   I have eaten this two nights in a row, and tonight I’m taking the rest of the meat out of the liquid and shredding it with a Guinness  stout BBQ sauce, and I’m pretty much banking on it becoming the best BBQ sandwich I’ve ever made.  It might even be good enough to get me through the ridiculous drama of teen age girls and 20 something boys (not together)  that I have been dealing with.  Wish me luck!!Brisket

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