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Best Sangria Ever

Posted: September 5th, 2009 | Author: rita | Filed under: Rita | Tags: , , , , | 1 Comment »

Recently, my roommate of three years moved out to live with her boyfriend, and as a thank you for helping her move the two of them took me out to their favorite restaurant in my ‘hood, Guadalupe. Since it’s such a heavily Dominican neighborhood, opening a Mexican restaurant around here takes some cojones, but since it opened a couple of years ago its thrived. Here’s a reason why: the food is damned good. And setting aside the fact that it’s sexy, romantic, a scene in the late evening and has superb service and reasonable prices, a major reason for its success, it must be said, also has to do with their sangria.

I’ve sipped my fair share of sangria and this is the only spot where I begged for the recipe. At first I thought it was so tasty due to the type of wine used, but I quickly ruled that out since both red and white had their own distinct complexity, fruity of course, but with a bite. Could it be brandy? Something else was at play too because any old bartender can dump wine, brandy and fruit chunks together and tada, sangria, but Guadalupe’s version has more layers to it.

After admonishing how fantastic the sangria was and asking for the recipe, the waiter returned with instructions for what I hope will fuel many great parties of mine (and yours) to come. He said the bartender starts with either red or white wine, then adds triple sec, peach schnapps, brandy or Henessey, orange juice AND pineapple juice, and tops it off with bits of fruit. Vodka can also be included, especially if using white wine.

This explains why I was knocked out after one glass.

Pineapple juice! That was the ribbon of flavor running underneath the brandy, what gave the sangria its tart sweetness. I urge everyone to try this at home or at least come up and visit my area sometime, so you can experience how the experts do it yourself.

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  1. 1 leah said at 12:22 pm on September 6th, 2009:

    wow! sounds powerful! but i can see where the pineapple (and peach schnapps) would give it a kick unlike most sangria. here’s to making summer live on with pitchers of this beauty!

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