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Brownie Update

Posted: June 30th, 2009 | Author: rita | Filed under: Rita | 3 Comments »

Red Velvet Brownies: good idea in theory, didn’t come out as expected in reality. Oh but so what? They were tasty.

Couple of problems. First, I’ve never made brownies from scratch before. Brownies in a box, what more could someone want? It’s quick and easy. Apparently there is a whole world of brownies from scratch that I just was not aware of! My whole approach was off and they ended up more like thick pieces of cake rather than the chewy bars of goodness that constitutes a great brownie. (This is why my speciality is not baking.) Next, I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, so when I whipped up the cream cheese frosting it wasn’t apparent to me that it needed more powdered sugar, but when I handed them out to friends one of them even asked if I had used sour cream in the frosting! Oops. Also, on the whole they were not as chocolaty as I had wanted!

Not making a cake was the whole point. I wanted to bake something portable but not cupcakes and I always love a good challenge. So, red velvet brownies. A friend recommended this recipe but not knowing jack about baking non-boxed brownies, all I did to modify this was use 2/3 cup of all-purpose flour and kept the remaining 1 1/2 cups as cake flour. The cake flour I have already contains baking powder, so I didn’t use any at all. Another mistake was beating the eggs into the mixture one at a time like the recipe says, forgetting that this will make brownies light and fluffy, not satisfyingly chewy like I craved. Oil instead of butter might have helped too, I think.

Does transmogrifying red velvet cake into brownies completely alter what makes red velvet “red velvet”? Will I be making simply red colored brownies? What do you think? I really have no idea.

Oh well. I will try again soon but with regular brownies. Perhaps with Chocolate Brownies with Orange Cream Frosting??

3 Comments on “Brownie Update”

  1. 1 Bakezilla said at 8:46 am on June 30th, 2009:

    It’s hard transferring cakes to brownies, it’s a delicate balance. It sounds like they were a good try though! Also, red velvet is never as chocolatey as you want, they’re for people who are only marginally into chocolate, not devotees like myself (and it sounds, you). Anyway, I squeed a little when you suggested a Strangers with Candy Party! Yay deliciousness and hilarity!

  2. 2 Johanna said at 12:56 pm on June 30th, 2009:

    I honestly LOVED the frosting. It was tangy, it wasn’t super-sweet, and it was a nice accent to the red velvet.
    Funny story – I dropped a whole pan of brownies on the floor on Sunday, after I spent all day making them and the salted caramel sauce I mixed in. I think I also added way more chocolate than I was supposed to, because they’re a lot more like fudge than they are like brownies.
    Let’s have a brownie fiasco together, NY Pretty Girls!! :)

  3. 3 Adi said at 12:17 pm on July 3rd, 2009:

    You know, it happens to the best of us. Take these lessons with you and don’t give up! I mean, the time I forgot eggs in my cookies taught me what eggs really do, and trust me. That is a lesson I WILL NOT forget.

    Also, if Josie says the frosting was good, IT WAS GOOD.

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