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a lot of dough – pizza and pie in one night

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 i start thinking about what i want to cook on saturday about wednesday. silly, i know, especially since i cook most nights. but week nights are like survival. i plan meals for monday through thursday on sunday, do the shopping, and alternate quick meals with slightly more difficult depending on my after work activities (gym, meetings, drinks with the girls). these weeknight meals are healthy, don’t get me wrong–and i hope tasty–but rarely what i would call inspired. that’s what saturdays are for.

i’ve been wanting to try grilled pizzas for a while. recipes start popping up in summer cooking magazines and sprinkled in online blog posts. won’t the dough fall through the grill grates!? do i top the pizza before or after i grill the dough!? can i even make dough–i’m not such a good measurer / baker. the answer to all these questions are: you can’t screw this up! don’t you love hearing that? unless you burn something and then…time to call the delivery guy.

i decided to use a martha stewart pizza dough recipe which you can find HERE. two packets active dry yeast, some warm water, all purpose flour, salt and olive oil and you’re in the pizza makin’ business. you do need an hour to let it rise, but this dough was GORGEOUS! and you blend it up in a food processor—how easy is that?

the dough makes enough for four good sized pizzas–really one person could be satisfied with one and maybe a salad so this could be fun when guests come over. i chose to top one of mine with chicken jalapeno sausage and roasted red peppers. the second with cherry tomatoes (above) and basil. the hubs asked for pepperoni and all pizzas had mozzarella cheese and jarred red pasta sauce. i made the dough, you want em to make the sauce, too!? hee!

set your grill to medium heat. roll out one of the balls of dough to the desired thickness and place on a baking sheet covered with some olive oil or cooking spray. with a metal tuner (maybe you have one for grilling) slid the dough oily side down on to the grill. it wont fall through!

let dough grill three to five minutes and check for desired doneness. then flip. here’s the tricky part. you need to assemble your ingredients and take them with you outside. top the now grilled side with sauce, cheese, and toppings. shut the lid and let cheese melt and toppings begin to bubble–another five minutes. alternatively you can grill both sides of your dough ahead of time. top and grill right before serving. i liked the stress of doing it all outside :) finished product:

the hubs LOVED these and he is usually a thick crust type. this crust is crispy but not too thin and lets the toppings shine through. i’ll be doing this, oh, every week until summer ends :)

but i couldn’t stop there. i wanted THIS peach pie from the august bon appetit. it called for a top crust where you would cut out shapes from the dough and layer them giving the pie a rustic look. this dough was easy and delish! i ate a good portion of it raw :) again, it comes together in the food processor. follow directions–easy peasy. needs to chill about an hour then you cut out the shapes layering them over the pie filling. i don’t own cookie cutters so a jelly lid was substituted.

rather than peel and slice two pounds of peaches i used two cans of peaches. blasphemous during summer…i know. but the way the kitchen will smell and the way the pie will taste won’t be effected one bit. i also have no clue what cardamom is and couldn’t find it in the spice aisle so i subbed apple pie spice–nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon. and voila!

i think i’ll have some for breakfast with coffee. happy weekend! and start planning now for the deliciousness you’ll whip up next weekend!

PS: rather than pie for breakfast, i was inspired by this david lebovitz blog post for herbed ricotta tart and decide to make quick mini quiche with the left over pie dough i saved. it was enough to make about six in a muffin tin. 2 eggs, a splash of half and half, a heaping tablespoon of ricotta cheese, two diced green onions, 2 diced slices crispy bacon, a few shakes of shredded parmesan and pepper. baked 12ish minutes. puffy and flaky and a delish brunch with a salad on the patio and my new giant issue of Elle magazine!