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clean out your fridge

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i love to cook. surprised? i love looking at beauty shots of food in magazines and cookbooks hoping i can recreate some semblance of what i see. but other than taking a stab at secret family recipes my favorite culinary challenge is making a meal out of crap left in my fridge. or tonight–the freezer. it’s like “found art” but tastier. allow me to go duchamp on your asses.

i’ve been saving the woody stems of asparagus (the part you normally snap off) in the freezer for months. ideally to make an asparagus soup. i wanted a veg for dinner and this seemed like an option–puree it. i sauteed green onion (lonely in the fridge) and garlic in a tab of butter. added about 16 asparagus stems and cooked until soft. added veggie stock. heated through then pureed in the blender until smooth. it was fine….needed a little something. a bit of salt and pepper…and then UMAMI enlightenment! i recalled a small container of anchovies left from some recipe. i added two fillets and blended it with the asparagus. it added just the umph it needed. and watching hubs scrape the last drop from the bowl–priceless!

i had 1 and 1/2 pork cutlets left over from a taco recipe. add one stray vegan burger and we had our protein. seasoned with a smidgen of salt, pepper, dried thyme and rosemary from the patio pot. pan fried with a bit of olive oil until browned through. remove from the pan and to the left over bits add one clove chopped garlic and one tablespoon flour. wisk together and add a bit of the veggie stock until you have a pan gravy. drizzle on top.

fun. yum. dinner.