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the case of the mystery squash

Posted: September 20th, 2009 | Author: leah | Filed under: Uncategorized | Tags: , | 7 Comments »

like a culinary nancy drew i’m trying to identify what squash / gourd i have here on the far left. any ideas?

my sweet mommy brings me lots of veggies from her garden each time she visits and recently brought me a spaghetti squash (pale yellow, right) this green guy and some cute little watermelons. She also wasn’t sure what kind of squash it might be. she has an assortment but it didn’t look like any she planted.

from my limited hard squash cooking / eating experience, i know it isn’t butternut, spaghetti or acorn squash. since squash are on display for eating and fall decorating now, i even dug through piles at the store to see if i could i.d. this one. nope. flipped through a veggie book. nope. looked online. nope. it’s shaped most like a spaghetti squash—sort of like a fat long football. but the skin isn’t smooth. it has a bit of a ridge to it. but not as deep as an acorn squash and certainly not squat like they are. the color isn’t like anything i looked up.

could it be a really freaking fat zucchini?!?!

so here’s the plan. i’m going to roast some root veggies later this week and try to figure out what this is by cutting it in half and roasting it along with them. thanks to the research i have a new found texture / taste education  on gourds. of course jack-o-lantern types are stringy and spaghetti squash has that cool noddle texture when scooped out but it seems most have a meaty, not stringy texture like a cross between a sweet potato and butternut squash. i can vouch for the acorn squash having this texture, too.

in the meantime, if you have any ideas leave them for me here. i’ll be sure to report back.