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you lose some….you lose some

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oh, friends….you picked a bad week for me to start blogging. rather, i picked a suck menu to stick with and start blogging.

another night, another Clean Eating magazine menu. lentil brown rice cakes & southwestern salad.

Picture 009 

oh no! that isn’t mine. mine went something like this

Picture 006

yes, when in doubt smother it in dressing! (lesson 2?)

first problem- EVERYTHING called for cilantro…mine went limp and gooey about two days after purchasing it fresh at the farmers market. and the thing about cilantro is….there’s not really a good substitute. the “cilantro cream” to top the cakes were saved by my little chive plant. low-fat greek yogurt, chives, lime juice salt and pepper. it tasted like…yogurt. a dash of cumin helped out.

the goop on the salad? “creamy avocado dressing.” 1/2 an avocado low-fat yogurt, lime zest, lime juice, apple cider vinegar, honey and dijon mustard. it tasted like….yogurt. my avocado was over rip and the zest was overbearing. badness everywhere.

did i mention i was halfing the recipe….another possible fail theme. i KNEW hubs wouldn’t go for this beast. in 10 minutes i made him a pan fried chicken breast and wheat spaghetti dressed with butter, salt, garlic powder and olive oil. no veggies. i shivered a bit and felt like a failed wife. but only for about 17 seconds. after all i was jacking up bean cakes.

FORTY-FIVE minutes later after the lentils and rice had cooked and cooled they were mixed together with minced garlic, oregano, chopped onion, egg whites (come ON!) s&p and a bit of wheat flour. this, said the mag, would combine together to form pattys. LIE. a bit of cooking spray in the pan would “cook them until slightly brown.” LIE. I sprinkeld more flour over them, added olive oil to the pan and let the suckers fry. the result:

Picture 011







first bite- not bad. second bite- no, this is  bad. third bite- get in my belly, it’s been over an hour of battling you lentils!

oh! and the salad….exactly. forgetable. the dressing was terrible over greans, red pepper, tomatoes and green onion.

i don’t want you to think Clean Living mag is bad…it’s this “cheap” menu. i see other dishes that look much tastier that i will try…later. dinner out thursday and with friends friday. a business banquet saturday. so i’m done. piles of dirty dishes to prove it.

Picture 001

i promise to shake up the menu soon. back to the things i love the most (BUTTER! STEAK! DESSERTS!) mixed with some healthy stuff.

hunger makes it go down easier

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oy! tonight was the second in a series of ‘clean’ dinners this week. i’m actually eating clean the majority of the day. by clean i mean avoiding preservatives, fake sugars, and “stuff in my stuff.” i can see each ingredient i eat when i plan better and it’s pretty rewarding. i feel better.

but i’m not the only one eating at my house….the poor hubs gets to join my little food journeys. this week i’m trying “Five Family Dinners for $10 a day” from the July/Aug Clean Eating Magazine. as you will learn, i’m not so much the improviser. i like a good recipe and a good chance to screw it up or make it happen. tonight…was fine. not my fault. the recipe was, er, clean, and tasted it.

dinner was turkey meatloaf with turnip-cauliflower mash. full disclosure: i’ve never eaten a turnip. i’ve also never mashed cauliflower. and anything “mashed” here in the south should involve lots of butter and cream…clean we are not by tradition.

the results? yeah, looks pretty healthy. ha!

the meatloaf was lean ground turkey, diced onion, oatmeal, grated carrots, egg whites, dried italian seasoning and cayenne. i’m not even posting the amount because i won’t remake this. very moist (surprising!) but no flavor save the onion and random nibble of italian spice. i would have added some worcestershire, salt and pepper and maybe at least one whole egg. turkey simply can not replace beef. but it is healthier.

the mashed turnip-cauliflower: double oy. not the worst ever and i’d like to try to refine it. packed with vitamins and fiber, these are a worthy side dish. steam 1 head chopped cauliflower and 2 medium diced turnips until soft. (alternatively boil turnips while cauliflower is steaming). mash together with 2 tsp olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. this recipe called for minced fresh basil but i found it odd when i was trying to imagine buttery mashed potatoes. it just wasn’t coming together. i added a splash of low fat milk and a pad of butter then blended with a hand mixture. the texture improved but still not ideal–chunks of cauliflower remained. added a pad of butter. a splash of cream. a tablespoon of greek yogurt. MIX. smoother still but no mashed potato impersonator. so now i have an almost unhealthy side…tasting better…a true foodie might have put the goop in a blender or through a food mill. but this gal was hungry!

lucky so was hubs! he ate it all up!

secret of the day…starve your dinner guests. they’ll eat whatever you slop in front of them.