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the barter is back

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it seems like every other person i talk to has some form of garden this year. so do i—it consists of a thriving mint plant, a wispy chive plant, dead parsley and stunted rosemary. brown thumb=me.

now that oklahoma is getting a real surge of heat, the summer veggies are out of control and everyone is complaining (though secretly proud) about having too much produce. more squash than they can eat. tomatoes, though still green, fat and heavy on the vine. lettuce! radishes! onions! peppers!

insert– me. <<waves hand>> “can i help you with that problem of yours?”

someone took me up on my offer to trade baked goods for bounty. the lovely b. shep and her husband gave me all kinds of goodies and in return i made them the lemon cheesecake bars i’ve been eyeing in┬áthis month’s bon appetite. and you should, too! only minimal baking so the kitchen won’t get too warm. ingredients you likely have in your fridge right now. and if not, cheap to get. these will be a hit at your summer party. or for a midnight snack apparently as shown in the evidence i found in the fridge this morning. tsk tsk. glad there was extra and that the hubs enjoyed.

link to the recipe:

i doubled the recipe, baked in a 9×13 pan and topped with blueberries and mint from my own “garden.”

b. shep also made me this lovely gift with a “knives” theme–a shout out to our culinary gang! she makes tons of creative switch plates like this one and lovely jewelry to boot. check her blog here:
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