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you can’t screw this up

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“you can’t screw this up.” comforting, non? but often a lie. like co-workers who make fab three ingredient artichoke dip. yours taste like paste when you try it.  and bridal shower “family recipes” where they tell you what’s in this delicious dish but not how much.

listen. blackberries are amazing. and delicious. i was going to nibble these plain. cover with cream and a sprinkle of sugar. or sprinkle on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. end. no blog needed.

but SERIOUSLY. you can’t screw this up. in fact. i halved it.

i stumbled upon Ree at ‘the pioneer woman’ ’s blog and realized—MILK, SUGAR, FLOUR, BUTTER….yes please!

 preheat oven to 350F. butter a baking dish. whisk 1C self rising flour** and 1C sugar. whisk in 1C milk. melt 1 stick (1/2C) butter. add to batter. again i halved all this this turned out great. pour mixture into buttered baking dish. sprinkle 2C blackberries (i had one pint) on top of batter. try to sprinkle evenly. top with another sprinkle of sugar..a few tabespoons. bake for 1 hr. if halving check sooner.

i agree with her, everyone (especially in the south here) has their version of what a “cobbler” is. this IS NOT the cobbler i grew up with. more like a yum cake with fruit plopped in. but it is a perfect dessert to make when guests come over this summer. the in-laws. for a pot luck. DELISH!

Switch it up. Try fresh or canned peaches. blueberries. nectarines. heck, any canned fruit. i bet you could toss in some chocolate chips instead of fruit. gummy bears!? go crazy.  combine fruits. i’m thinking peach and blackberry for my next foray.


look at the purple gooshtasticness! do this soon!

**self-rising flour has some baking powder (?) or some other rising agent in it. you can’t sub plain flour or it won’t rise. so maybe you can screw it up :) i keep a small container of self-rising flour for such recipes.