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easy does it

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i wrote to a friend today (hi shey!) about my sunday ritual. over coffee, i spread out cookbooks and old copies of bon appetit and plan dinners for monday through thursday. friday, i figure, is for comforting junk food. usually pizza at our house. but monday through thursday i try to put something on the table. okay—on the plate which sits on our laps while we watch tv. ah, family!

but sometimes i don’t have to pour over books and mags. sometimes i glance around the fridge and cabinets and a few meals come together naturally. eggs, pasta, parmesan cheese–carbonara it is! and sometimes a dinner idea comes from a conversation with the hubs. for some reason this weekend we both honed in on….taco salad…mmmmmm…so easy! and tasty!

whatever toppings you want…and you can each have different toppings! i’m RE-adding this to my “go-to, quick and easy meals.” and cheap, too. i think this would make for a fun party meal for a large group—maybe a birthday dinner with a big group of friends?

start off with about a quarter pound of ground hamburger per person. season with taco seasoning or whatever you have on hand. i used chili pepper, cumin, paprika, salt and pepper. you also need taco chips and some shredded lettuce. the rest is up to you!

 i like MANY toppings. salsa, beans, avocado, onion. shredded cheese is a must!

pile them on and enjoy!

what is on YOUR list of quick, easy meals?

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  1. 1 Johanna said at 11:35 pm on November 4th, 2009:

    Carbonara is a bigtime go-to in this casa as well. Basically pasta with Anything that’s left over and a butter/pasta-water/cheese sauce goes well.
    I try to make channa masala out of any left-over cans of chickpeas and tomatoes, which I sometimes have. Yum.

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