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grilled cheese add ons- good idea / bad idea?

Posted: September 15th, 2009 | Author: leah | Filed under: Uncategorized | 7 Comments »

the lazy chef (me) is making grilled cheese and canned soup tonight. why?

1) i didn’t feel like going to the store this week.

2) i LOVE grilled cheese.

3) the hubs loves a can of chicken noodle. and to be honest, campbell’s tomato soup made¬†with milk is pretty tasty in my book.

i do like to add ingredients to my grilled cheese now and then. and there’s no crime in adding a bit of this or that to the canned soup either.

i have about a cup of cherry tomatoes i roasted this weekend i’d like to use. maybe puree and stir in the soup? or melt in with the cheese? good idea / bad idea?

how do YOU like to add pizzazz to your grilled cheese? ever stir veggies, cream or toppings in to canned soup? help a sister out!

7 Comments on “grilled cheese add ons- good idea / bad idea?”

  1. 1 Briana said at 1:40 pm on September 15th, 2009:

    I enjoy a bit of mayo, of course, then a couple different cheeses mixed in. Then I season like mad with salt, pepper, oregano and garlic. Then I LOVE to throw on red onions. I slow cook on a skillet with butter in the pan while pushing down on top with a spatula. I love a smushed grilled cheese :) Seems like if you could thicken up the soup, it could be a great dipping component?!?!

  2. 2 Alyssa said at 1:54 pm on September 15th, 2009:

    BACON! And I have this weird thing where I cut up some mozzarella and put it in my soup (either chicken noodle, or steak and potato, but it would be really good in tomato as well) I know its weird, but its SO GOOD.

  3. 3 Jenny said at 2:19 pm on September 15th, 2009:

    I second Alyssa-BACON! Maybe cooked in the oven first with some brown sugar and cayenne pepper sprinkled on top-then chopped and melted into the grilled cheese.
    I think the roasted tomato puree would be fantastico in the soup-you also couldn’t go wrong with using heavy cream or half and half instead of milk.
    Also, how about fresh basil?

  4. 4 death_by_sharpie said at 2:34 pm on September 15th, 2009:

    I like to put grated Parmesan on the OUTSIDE of the bread. It browns and adds a nice nutty flavor to the sandwich.

  5. 5 leah said at 4:08 pm on September 15th, 2009:

    man folks, how am i going to decide!!! will report back after dinner. keep the ideas coming!

  6. 6 Rachel said at 6:11 am on September 16th, 2009:

    Ask me this 5 years ago and my answer would be a simple NO. You never add anything to grilled cheese EVER. I used to have a grilled cheese for lunch at work daily. One day while waiting in line to order my GC the guy in front of me ordered one with tomatoes. I, of course, felt sorry for him for making such a monumental mistake and proudly moved forward to order mine. So they ended up mixing up our orders and I got the GC with toms. Seconds after my first bite I acheived enlightenment, it was delictably delicious…and now I want one.

  7. 7 Joh's Dad said at 12:43 am on September 20th, 2009:

    Leah, I know I’m WAY late here, and you obviously chose well and had success, but I’ve actually moved past your present/ previous request, and am now first in line for Round Two!!

    Small onion or shallot – you can even use flakes if that’s all you have (wet them first) – soften these with some butter in your sauce pan.
    Add Dill Weed and Beaumond, a blended spice from Spice Island Co.
    Campbell’s Tomato Soup.
    2/3rds can milk (I have to use non-dairy creamer).
    Blend these together, then add to pot.
    Cook on low, stirring frequently.
    Using less than the whole can of milk produces a thicker soup.
    The dill and Beaumond give a great, uncommon flavor that really goes well with the tomato.
    Grilled Cheese is GREAT with this, btw.

    Yes, I realize everyone might not have Beaumond in the spice cabinet/rack, but this is your excuse to get some. We make a fabulous dip with this, usually served in a bread bowl with the chunks (pumpernikel works well) and/or Fritos, that always disappears fast! Joh should have the receipe for this, if you want it. Beaumond also goes well in omlets and other egg things, or anywhere you want a new flavor.

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