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budget week

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leftovers are my friend. they mean free lunch to take to work the next day. and while lunch at my desk means money in my pocket, it can lead to monotony and lack of social interaction be it a lunch out with co-workers or business done over a meal.

this week i made myself a pact–make lunch plans at LEAST twice this week. and i did! but the trade off was to be a bit more frugal in the grocery budget. i’m so happy with the results i plan to share it with you.

some guidelines i followed:

1- planed 4 meals (mon-thurs) for 2 people. fridays are for splurges.

2- had to be tasty! something i would make even not on a budget. we’re not talking corn bread and beans here (though i do love that combo). all four recipes i chose are from Bon Appetite 2009 issues. and by accident chicken, shrimp, beef and a non-meat item made the list. something for everyone!

3-had to be healthy. this may not be traditional “clean eating” but i’d say all the items are balenced with good veggie representation and lean proteins. for fun we’ll count the fat grams and calories.

4-i’m working with some basic pantry items that i didn’t have to buy and that i encourage you to keep.  olive oil, dried spices, and garlic come in to play often.

a sneak peak—thanks to some planning my grocery bill tonight for the week was $60! this never happens and i even got some more expensive items like almonds to snack on at work. for these meals you’re going to come WAY under that total.

check back for the tasty deals.

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  1. 1 Johanna said at 12:25 pm on July 6th, 2009:

    I am intrigued!! And excited!! I got inspired by some salads I saw while I was drooling in Guy & Gallard today — Lentils, pasta salads, something called “Latin Bean Salad” which i very nearly bought, Israeli couscous…. Yum. And so cheap — grains and dried beans, a couple fresh veggies, and you’re golden!
    Very excited to see what fun fresh (cheap!!) dishes you come up with this week!! :)

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