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So Giada DiLaurentiis is on tv, and that gives me half an hour to blog, because I can’t really stand her and I don’t feel the need to watch while she’s on. So…. blogging.

This week was rough food-wise, because I’ve been working late every night. But this coming week will be spectacular (I hope)

Monday night I worked till about 8. I don’t like working till 8. On my way home, I was feeling very bummed out, because I didn’t want to eat left-over red beans and rice, and because I didn’t want to have worked so late and…. anyways. I stopped at the grocery store next to the subway station, trying to see what they might have for dinner. I found a pound of London Broil (not a cut, but a mehtod, I know!) for ridiculously inexpensive. So I decided we would have, essentially, steak au poivre on the cheapy-cheap. London Broil, frozen french fries, pseudo-au poivre sauce. YUM!

I sprinkled the steak with olive oil, salt, pepper, and my uncle’s dry rub (again, it appears to be granulated onion, garlic, rosemary, and possibly cayenne). I let it hang out for a while, turned on the oven for the french fries, and when everything was hot, I put the fries in the oven, and the London Broil under the broiler.

I sauteed some shallots in butter, and then added the left-over cognac from when I made Steak Au Poivre last time. I didn’t flame it, instead just letting the alcohol boil off a little. Then, I added half and half, instead of cream, simmered it a little, and ta-daaaa, everything was ready!! Yum.

Tuesay, I worked till 8 again, and we ordered a pizza.
Wednesay, we had Velveeta shells & cheese. Don’t judge me. I worked till 8.
Thursday, I made some bangin’ biscuits. They’re my basic biscuits, stolen from Alton Brown. I added a huge hunk of grated romano cheese too, because I wanted to have savory cheesey biscuits. And they were delicious. I added a quarter cup of extra milk because I was trying to compensate for the cheese adding bulk. I didn’t need to, and ended up dusting with way more flour than generally necessary. BUT, I baked them in the cast-iron skillet and they came out delicious!!! :)

Last night, I made chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. It was delicious. There are 2 CFS’ left in the fridge, as well as some mashed tato and some gravy. I’ll probably be having one of them for dinner tonight, since Jesse will be out at a surprise party and I’ll be home alone watching the Big 12 Championship Game in hopes of seeing the Sooner Schooner run around the field after a score. :)

I’m a nerd.

Tomorrow night, we’re having friends over for Mulled Wine and Macaroni and Cheese and Football and Rockband and Beer and ….. joy. :)

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