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Posted: September 23rd, 2008 | Author: johanna | Filed under: Johanna | 1 Comment »

As many other bloggers, and NeoYorquinos in general, have no doubt noticed, it was cool this weekend. The first few days of fall have not disappointed. In fact, yesterday and today were stunningly pleasant, and prompted the following statement from a friend:
“When you start thinking about tights and soups, it is the beginning of a good thing”.
I don’t necessarily share her love for fall, but then again, I’m the girl who can come up with a new list of favorite things about New York with every passing week, let alone season. September is just bogged down with memories for me, and I find it hard to bear the weight of the nostalgia while moving through the month in a cheerful fashion.
Then on Sunday, during the partypartyparty, I drank an amazing red wine. I saved the bottle, so we can get it again.
I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy red wine.
I mean, we drank some when we drank our way through the hurricaine a few weeks ago, but that wasn’t so much for any reason other than… y’know…. it was cheap and 4 bottles of white wine seemed a bit excessive.

Last night, as you may have read, I made a meatloaf. It was…. to quote Jesse…. Bangin’. It really was. I brought some for lunch today. If we had bread, I would be bringing meatloaf sandwiches for lunch until it was all gone.

Meatloaf is, I’ll admit, a cold weather food. It really is. And I love it. I probably spend the last week or so of hot hot weather wishing it was November, so I could be thinking about soup and turkey and not about how to cook without making my place a sauna.
Then, I had a hell of a day at work today, and at 3:30 I didn’t even care about eating dinner. I just wanted to buy a bottle of red wine and get into bed. I think it was the chill in the air, the last day of wearing a dress with no tights, all that plus the workday.
I decided on my walk to the wine store that I couldn’t let Jesse starve. So, I made the snap decision to roast a chicken and some vegetables. It’s comfort food. It’s good with red wine. And it takes an hour to cook, which definitely gives us time to work through one bottle of wine. Heh.

I’m pretty satisfied with this roast chicken. I’ve made it a lot of times, and every time it’s been pretty fantastic, and like fried chicken, it’s gotten better each time. I love roast chicken. It makes abysmal days better. And with roasted potatoes, shallotts, garlic cloves, and beets, life should be good.

Mind you, in late October, I’m going to be wishing it was July again. And you can all shake your heads, point me back to this entry, and remind me that in late September, I was happily roasting chicken and drinking red wine.

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