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Sugar Cookies, Two Ways

Posted: September 26th, 2009 | Author: bakezilla | Filed under: Bakezilla | 1 Comment »

My roommate always tells me that my baking is how I’m going to get a man.  And, earlier this week, I went on a first date with a guy saying he wants a girl who “can make a killer batch of cookies.”  I realized here that I had an opportunity to win over a man, if not with my charm or good looks, with something I’m much more confident in: my ability to make cookies.

I decided I was going to make some refrigerator cookies using ingredients I had in the house.  So, I used my grandmother’s tried and true sugar cookie recipe:

Mix one cup sugar, 3/4 cup soft shortening (you can buy soft shortening in the store, or mix together regular shortening and butter, roughly equal parts), 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (Grammy always subbed in 1/2 teaspoon of lemon extract, but she loved her lemon more than I do.  If you’re a big lemon fan, go for it) and two eggs in a large bowl.  When they are thoroughly mixed, add in 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, and 1 teaspoon salt (I love sea salt for baking).  Mix until just combined.

Refrigerate for at least an hour, or overnight.  These belong to the family of “regriderator cookies,” which are the kind of cookies that are rolled out and cut into shapes.  Their dough must be cold to do so.

For my date, I decided to make “grown up” cookies.  So I rolled them out on a floured surface (also flour your rolling pin, it makes life easier) cut them into stars (the only non-Christmas shape I could find), and placed a candied pecan and white sanding sugar on each.  You bake them at 400 degrees for 6-8 minutes, just until the edges lightly brown.


I only used half the dough for my date (afterall, it’s two adults, how many sugar cookies can we truly eat?).  They did, come out very good.  The pecans brought out the flavor and texture of the sea salt nicely, and the white sanding sugar made them sparkle (like I hope my personality did).

The next day, I babysat a first grader, who was having a little picnic with her friends after school.  So I decided to finish off the dough and make cookies for these (may I say, adorable) little girls.  For these, I make a white chocolate ganache (white chocolate chips melted with cream).  Note: put this on AFTER the cookies are baked and cooled, not before!  I made it a little too thin because I was trying to use up all the cream in my fridge before it went bad.  So it was sticky, but the kids really liked it (something about seven year olds and sticky really works).  I then applied rainbow sanding sugar, because, again, these were for children.  The white chocolate really brought out the sweetness in the cookies.  It was hard the believe it was the same batter as the other cookies, a simple switch of toppings (lightly sugared pecans to full on sweet white chocolate) really changes the flavor.

DSC00244The end of the day, I used my Grammy’s very classic recipe to make two very different types of cookies for two different audiences.  And… I not only have a second date tomorrow, I’m considered the coolest babysitter at the playground by some very discerning first grade girls.  I think my Grammy, who used to bake treats for the firefighters up the street (who she called “her boys”) would be very proud of me for using my baking to win over people’s hearts and stomachs.  This one’s for her.

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    it seems to be very delicious. I loved the recipe!

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