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Asian Fetish

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I love Asian food.  I’m pretty sure it all started with Debbie Wong’s  Chinese food in the town I grew up in.  As I got older, I expanded my horizons into other Asian countries. Not that I was given a choice since my high school’s student body was about 25% Asian, and I had 2 Korean room mates over the course of 4 years.  Unfortunately, in north east Ohio, my options are limited.  There is one really good, but really expensive Thai restaurant, and there is a much cheaper, hole in the wall chinese place that is about 15 minutes away.  Other than that, its about an hour to anything that I’m willing to eat. Because of this I’ve been really experimenting with Asian flavors at home, so that when I have a craving, I don’t have to go on a trip that requires a tent and a weeks supply of water.  So I had an extra pork tenderloin left over that I had to use up, and I decided to do an Asian marinade on it.  I used THIS marinade, minus the chili paste, because I wasn’t really feeling it (ok, I didn’t have any…) and I would recommend increasing the brown sugar and black pepper.  I really liked this but was looking for a little more punch, and I think increasing those two ingredients would help.

I marinated the pork for a couple hours, and then just baked it at 375 until it hit 160 degrees.  Then I let if rest for about 10 minutes so that I wouldn’t lose all that delicious juice.  While the pork was resting,  I cooked some rice noodles in water that was spiked with soy sauce, ginger and a dash of worchestershire  sauce.  I drained the noodles, and let them cool for a minute.  Then I mixed beef broth, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce together until it tasted like I wanted it to and poured it over the noodles to flavor them a little more.  Once everything was ready I sliced the pork and put it on the noodles.  You’ll have to forgive my ‘tupperware plating’ but when I’m on my own, I get lazy with presentation.  I need to feed people more often so that I am forced to make my food pretty :)

Asian Pork and Noodles

I also tossed in some left over green onion, and next time I plan on sauteeing some mushrooms and putting them in as well.  Overall, this was a good recipe, but I have every intention of working to make it even better.

Any suggestions would be welcome :)


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