Dip a de doo dah

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Not quite the star of the party, but almost.

Not quite the star of the party, but almost.

I love parties. In college, I hated them. I avoided every drunken second of the parties at my school. But home, I would gleefully attend every family get-together we had. My family isn’t an obligation–they’re awesome. They’re hilarious, spontaneous, sarcastic, and, perhaps best of all, they COOK. Christmas is my favorite. We all get together at someone’s house–usually my aunt–and we all bring something. One aunt is famous for fresh bread and truffles. Another her Swedish meatballs and salads. My grandmother never fails to bring something fresh, healthy, and slightly bizarre, and if I were to show up without peanut butter balls there might be a riot. There is so much food, so lovingly prepared, that one could (and usually does) eat for weeks on the leftovers. I have never brought anyone to a family party without that person leaving amazed and jealous.

Over the summer, we have lower-scale parties. Extravagant desserts are replaced with cookies and brownies and the festive living rooms give way to picnic tables by the ocean. My grandmother still brings her fresh and healthy concoctions, my sister gets together something easy but delicious, and I either spend days agonizing over recipes, or whipping something up at the very last second which usually turns out better than the planned dish would.

This time was a last-second dish, made DURING a party. No, not just before, but actually during, after guests had arrived. The party was at my sister’s house and we had brought a loaf of bread fresh from our favorite bakery. There being nothing to serve it with, I was elected to rectify the situation. Some brainstorming later, after my sister demanded I use the last of her baby spinach, a dip was born. Sour cream mixed with a bit of mayo, the spinach and some chives diced finely, and a few dried herbs thrown in for good measure. Bread sliced and garnish prepared, a dish complete in less than five minutes.

Not just quick and easy, but also a huge hit.